BULGARIA:     STATE and GOVERNMENT                                                                                


The last elections (2002) for president ended with a majority for the candidate of "Coalition for Bulgaria"
President of the Republic of Bulgaria Georgi PARVANOV

The results of the elections (2001) for parlament braught a majority for the newly founded movement of Zar Simeon II of the Royal House of Saxony-Cobourg and Gotha, as Prime Minister (2001-2005) SIMEON Saxs-Coburg-Gotski

Since the last elections for parliament (2005) the country is ruled by a broad coalition to lead Bulgaria into the EU.
The parties of the coalition are:
Bulgarian Socialist Party (30%),  Movement Zar Simeon II (20%),  Movement for Rights and Freedom (10%) (representing the turkish speaking minority)
lead by the Head of the Socialist Party
Prime Minister Sergey STANISHEV 

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