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Map of Bulgaria Bulgaria is today a small, but various little country with a great history in the past and an interesting future.
at the same time a country or the central european Dabube Region,
a country of the sunny coast of the Black Sea
a country of snow-capped peaks in the mountains of Rila, Vitosha and Pirin
and the meadow-carpeted mountains of the Stara-Planina- (=Balkan) and Rhodope mountain chain.

Oldest History and Religion of Bulgaria contribute necessarily to the culture of Europe.

Itīs Geography makes it the natural turntable between Europe and Asia, between Danube- Mediterranian- and Black Sea countries.

4 all-european EU-Corridors pass through Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a fertile country for agriculture, blessed with a multitude of Mineral Springs and whine growing regions known for the best red and white whines of the region.

Bulgarians can be proud of being traditionally among the nations with the highest level of education. This was recently confirmed by a Europe-wide EU-survey.