B U L G A R I A:               E C O N O M Y                                                                                

After the end of communist rule in Eastern Europe 1989, the heavily interconnected economic system of Eastern Europe collapsed.
In this system Bulgaria had accomplished a fast industrialisation and boosted by tourism achieved a decent prosperity.
Instantaneous and radical opening of Bulgaria´s economy to the western system accompanied by the sudden disappearing of traditional markets for agrarian products and industrial production partners (e.g. GDR !) resulted in the last decade of the past century in a dramatic breakdown of existing industry and economy. The crisis culminated in mass unemployment and famine.

In the end of 2001 Bulgarians still had to be satisfied with approx. 80 % of the living standard of 1988.

During the reign of the two last governments the negative trend could be reversed.

High expectations are linked to the desired joining of EU, which since many years is a common target for all bulgarian political parties.


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